Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dengeki Daisy

Here I am , posting my second blog post, where I want to introduce one of my favourite shoujo manga . For those who don't know it , it's DENGEKI DAISY !! It's a romantic comedy , with a good amount of mystery,a little bit of action , and... there you go ! A perfect manga .It's about a high school girl (a junior) , Teru ,whose relatives are all dead , but she's managed to get through it all by the aid of her beloved and trusted DAISY , a mysterious guy who she can contact only by texting him through the phone that her brother, a brilliant programmer,had left her before he died.Could there be a secret behind him leaving her this one and only cellphone ? and what about DAISY? How can Teru ever meet the long awaited mysterious Daisy , and know about who he really is??
A series of adventures accompanied with tons of laughter follows as Teru starts to doubt that the new school janitor is actually.........
Well, in my opinion , this manga is great ! I highly recommend it to those who like comedy and mystery..For further info :
to read it online:
Teru's brother singing for her

Teru cleaning the window glass while Tasuku(Daisy) is slacking off :D
Teru and Tasuku

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