Friday, November 25, 2011

Paradise Kiss

Just watched Paradise Kiss live action movie ! And it was awesome ! for those who like fashion , comedy , and romance , be sure to check it out ! Keiko Kitagawa and Osamu Mukai star..
Tip : It would be better to watch the movie than the anime because the anime might really disappoint you ! Well, it disappointed me anyway.
Paradise kiss :Yukari wants nothing more than to make her parents happy by studying hard and getting into a good college. One afternoon, however, she is kidnapped by a group of self-styled fashion-obsessed artists who call themselves "Paradise Kiss." Yukari suddenly finds herself flung into the roller-coaster life of the fashion world, guided by George, art-snob extraordinaire. In a glamorous makeover of body, mind and soul, she is turned from a hapless bookworm into her friends' exclusive clothing model and starts to have feelings for George.. Does he love her back ?Will they be able to continue the journey together , or will life circumstances break them apart ??And what about their dreams?
Be sure to check it out! It also includes a bunch of funny characters and glamorous fashion style !
It also includes Yui's hit single Hello ! I think it was awesome! Couldn't get it out of my mind !
Another way of putting it :: Yukari Hayasaka (Keiko Kitagawa) is a high school student who has become tired of her life of constant schooling. She then comes across a group of student fashion designers in need of a model for their “Paradise Kiss” clothing label. Yukari knows nothing about the fashion world and is taken back by the group’s eccentric ways, but she soon comes to admire their free thinking ways and ability to pursue their dreams with a one track mind...

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