Monday, December 5, 2011

Vampire Knight !

Hey! I just wanted to show you guys the picture of my one and only Zero ! :D So , here he is ! He's so cute, isn't he ?! Why do I like him so much , you might ask ? Because he is so loyal and trustworthy. Rough on the outside , however, extremely gentle and kind from the inside..And his dark side just adds up to his charm !! He is also so passionate, loving and protective <33 !That's actually the kind of guy I wish to have..

2013 Edit :
Okay, so he died. >_>
But I don't think it's that bad, because at least he got to be with the girl he loved for a relatively long period of time! Until the moment of his death, when death did them apart. :D

Anyway, this childhood crush of mine has ended  LONG ago, I just wanted to say that.XD Even before I read VK's last chapter, if you're thinking that might be the reason. :P
You know, after all, Vampire Knight was one of the first shoujo anime I've watched.Oh, it was also the first manga I've ever read!!(Since the anime led me to the manga..)  So by then I hadn't watched/read any other shoujo stuff, therefore, I hadn't seen any other guys (let alone ikemen or bishounen :3) to admire! :D But now I've got lotss of characters(guys and girls alike) in my favourites list. <3

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