Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ahhh why ? :''(

I've recently posted about my PRECIOUS PRECIOUS video of Goodbye-Days sung by MOI ! :D But unfortunately It was blocked and then removed because of copyright issues...so next time I'll try to make a piano cover so that it won't be Sony Music's property or anything ...Or , I might just come up with a new self-written song ! Wouldn't that be better ?! This way I won't have any copyright issues AND I'll get to know people's opinion about my voice and lyrics..Yeah .I guess that'd be better.
So I deleted that post..
Anyhow , I'm having exams starting Thursday so I'm going to need all the good wishes , hopes and prayers I could get !(even though I know that I'm just talking to thin air now since no one has discovered or viewed my blog yet , and it just feels so lonely and frustrating talking to myself everyday like this... :D)So , plz if anyone discovers this blog even if you didn't like it.. I'll be glad to receive any comments on how to improve it and what to include in it...

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