Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain On Me !

Hallo Freunde und Freundinnen ! (I thought I'd speak some Deutsch once in a while in case there are German viewers :) just for fun !) Heute will ich über ''Regen '' sprechen ! Ja ja , ich weiß,dass es ein seltsames Thema ist , aber Ich mag Regen und Winter !Danke für Lesen ! Entschuldigung , aber das ist alles , was ich auf Deutsch schreiben konnte :D..


The rest will be in English ! . I love winter and snow.This pure white that makes you cheerful just by looking at it...Although a lot of people hate the rain and think it's bad luck , I love it . Firstly because it feels like it's cleaning the world , erasing dirt and sins and trash ..I know!It's a weird thing to say but that's what I feel when it rains .People are always quiet and calm when it rains .isn't that weird ? I love that fact though . I also love it when you take shelter under some tree or something and you stay there watching the raindrops falling from the beautiful grey-blue sky , hitting the ground , and roofs of buildings in an intense and yet beautiful and gentle way..I think it's wonderful . It's like God is sending us this blessing to stop whoever is fighting , turn someone's frown into a smile ,and make people think back about what they did wrong and what to do later with their lives .And..after the rain comes the rainbow !!!Personally , I feel really happy when it rains ,because it reminds me of beautiful memories , and the times when I used to get under the rain and play with my friends and we used to run together looking for somewhere to take shelter in because we didn't want to get wet..It somehow moves my heart so unusually and makes my inner mind excited when it rains on me..How blissful it is to watch water drops falling continuously and making a relaxing sound , helping plants to grow , and homeless people drink.That never fails to bring a smile onto my face .Nostalgic. Simply pure .:)

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