Thursday, March 8, 2012

New starts..

Hey minna-sama ! I just wanted to say that I've recently become bored with the manga and J-drama I'm watching so I thought ..How about taking a little break from these stuff and starting some new manga or drama so that you'd eventually want to continue the old ones you had left behind !
And , of course ,I can't let that really long sentence I just wrote slip away without making a conclusion !! :D
Actually , that's really similar to human nature ; you don't feel the importance of something unless it's taken away from you. In other words , you can only see the true light better when you actually lose it . These quotes were deduced by Moi :) from what I have dealt with in life .

I think that applies to most of us these days , since there are some people who are completely neglected by us.You might not feel it now , but trust me , open your eyes , me o sama se ! Look around carefully and try to understand who is always by your side , who has always been , and will always be there for you when it gets gloomy .
If you are lucky enough to have these people by your side , make sure to appreciate them , hold on to them and make them feel special because you never know when fate decides to barge in and break you apart ! You can lose somebody very easily just by hurtful words said on a whim.It's like , when you put something(like a book or something) really close to your face , you can't see it properly , you aren't able to recognize the words . However , you can recognize the words and see them clearly when they're far enough for you to be able to see .Do you get it now ? :)
If you protect them and care for them as much as they care for you , you'll find happiness together with them. :)

So , back to what I was talking about -the manga ! 
I  think I'm gonna start reading Hana to Akuma . Yeah yeah , I know it has a sad ending and all but a lot of people recommended it to me and told me that it's totally worth the read , so , wish me luck !

 Oh  , and also ,as I was saying , I got a little bored with J-drama , so I will stop watching them for a while until I get all eager to complete them again ! ^-^ So , I thought I'd go back in time ten years ago ! And by that , I mean , I'm going to watch the most popular K-drama around the world ! This is going to be my first K-drama , so ,I hope I don't get disappointed in the end :S

If you haven't guessed it by now , it's WINTER SONATA 

So , that's it for today,folks ! I hope that my blog is the slightest bit helpful or interesting to anybody out there! ^_^

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