Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hey Everyone  out there ! I just wanted to say this just in case somebody has actually seen my blog :D
I have posted before about my manga debut :) and I wanted to inform you that part 2 will be posted soon when I have the time because it will be long :D . And I'm also thinking about sharing a post about the manga I'm currently reading .So , if you have discovered my blog or want to encourage me , then please show me any sign of hope :D I've posted a lot of posts in this blog even though I haven't even got a single comment from anyone ! Aren't I high-spirited ? If you don't want this lonely heart of mine to be broken , don't hesitate to write me a comment here or on twitter(scroll down and you'll find the link in a gadget on the left panel) and tell me your opinion or how to improve the blog :) I'd really appreciate it <3    

Arigatou in advance ;)

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