Thursday, March 1, 2012

1..2..3..and so... Take it slow

True love really can do anything .. It can motivate you , make your dreams come true , make you successful , happy , dreamy ,dazzling..However , this same thing can discourage you , make you miserable , miserable ,or a failure.. In short ,  love can influence us uncontrollably.And If you've gone through similar situations you'll know that what I'm saying is true , at least for some people .It depends if the person is capable of restraining their emotions or not , or if the person is too emotional or too cold or is capable of building up a wall that hinders their feelings from affecting their practical life.
For example . if things are working out well between you and the one you love , (and I'm talking specially about girls) , you get really happy and think the whole world has turned pink just by a simple event like this ..That's one of the reasons that make you really disappointed or depressed when any misunderstanding or problem happens between you.It's human nature : when you're expectations are higher than what you can actually have it turns out bad :(.
That's why I think teens should be more composed , and take it slow when it comes to love (not that I'm an old geezer I'm a teenager as well ya know ! :P) ..Because if you rush into it it'll just break .Just like walking on an almost-broken bridge ,if you if you run fast it'll fall even faster,and if you jumped on it it'll fall immediately . But if you walk on it really slowly and carefully you might just make it to the the other side. Don't try to pull the flower petals away from each other to make them bloom faster.They won't , they'll only fall and wither. If you're in a dark place where you only have one lighted candle to show you the way ,just walk gently while holding it tightly rather than  run while you're holding it afraid that you'll lose it .This way it will be gone and blown out .

I hope I got you to understand my point :)
So,moderate is fine .Not too tight , not too loose . If you really care about someone you'll give them their entire freedom while only watching over them and giving them valuable pieces of advice .You'll believe in them no matter what. If you can't keep up with whatever weird decisions they have made , try to understand them , talk to them .You know , if you open up to someone and start trusting him just a little bit , he/she will automatically , inevitably open up to you little by little .

Always try to make people happy . Be careful ,making other people happy doesn't necessarily result in your sadness ! On contraire , it makes you feel happy just by seeing their genuine smiles ! It's true ! Even if you're a  cruel or rude person it sure will move something inside this little heart of yours :) If not  , then at least you'll feel happy because you just did something good , you should be proud of yourself .

Well , I would've typed more but I wanna go watch Ouran High School Host Club live action drama :D
Like I said before , I'm kind of an otaku :P  ... So,I'll be writing more love posts in the near future (if I'm still alive *_*  ) xD ....jaa mata minna-san !

Oh , right ! To end this post nicely I would like to add a song in here !It's not the best but it's somehow related to what I've been talking about ^^ I hope you like it :)


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