Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baka Na Watashi...

And I'm back on track !
It's been long since my last post , mainly because I'm a lazy bum , partially because I've had exams :D
And now that I've finished my exams I feel like I'm even busier ! I mean , I have so much in my mind and so many things I want to do that I've become a mess.
There has been this manga that I was reading , and the scanlator (scanner + translator) dropped it ,and was looking for someone to pick it up. She was German , and was scanlating from German raws .
Of course , since I know some German ,and I like reading German stuff ,and was eager to know what would happen next in the manga, I e-mailed her immediately ,ignoring the fact that I have never even seen how the interface of Photoshop looks like !! I don't have it on my computer , have never seen it , touched it  , or had anything to do with it ! Yup , that's something someone as stupid as me would do.She even sent me the link to where she uploaded the rest of the chapters.(Thank God they weren't many : D)
But then , I decided to take responsibility for my rash actions , and start from square one .So , I downloaded the Photoshop , searched the whole internet for a crack that didn't have any virus , and finally found it after hours ,-no , days of searching !
Then , I kept searching again for some good tutorials , but I didn't understand much , so I managed to do with whatever I understood .The rest , I discovered it by playing around with the Photoshop tools and searching for some tips on the internet.You have no idea how much time and effort that took me !! Well , it was my own fault anyways *blush* .
Anyway , thankfully I started cleaning the manga , translating , typesetting ,....etc .So right now i'm doing all those jobs on my own , therefore it's taking me FOREVER ! But It'll be fine :D I also downloaded some new fonts I just discovered :)
PS: I did that when I was also having exams !! Not that I'm that much of a studious person , but It all went well .I guess you could say that I'm very reckless when it comes to sudden decisions :D
Right now , I'm working on chapter 8 of this manga , which is called Mitsu Aji Blood  (= Honey flavored blood) by Mitsuki Miko.
It's not one of my all-time favourites ,and it also contains some ''smut''- or whatever people call it - , which I don't like, but the reason I'm reading it is because it's related to vampires :D .I like everything related to vampires :) , and that's why I started reading it in the first place , and , of course ,' le moi ' can't just drop something one I start reading it. (Except if it's reallyyyy boring , which it isn't).So it was okay.
Well , I think it's a good experience for me :D At least it got me to learn a few things about Photoshop ! And some new German words !
Well , here's the link if you want to read it online : .
 (I haven't uploaded any chapter yet , but you'll find here till chapter 7)(I'm doing chapter 8 right now)
Putting all that aside , I still haven't figured how and where to upload the chapter once I'm done with it !
I guess that'll just add up to the time I spend searching for stuff .

Here's a preview for a page I've done :(I think that from what you've read above , you already know that I'm not great , so , don't criticize ! Plus , these aren't my scans , and I'm not good enough to be able to remove that shadow on the right :S)But I did my best in cleaning this manga ! Click on them to enlarge ! They should be HQ I think !

Here's another one :)

Well , that's for now folks !! We'll meet again with another blabber about my stupidity (or life quotes :D)

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