Monday, May 28, 2012

Manga Editing

Hello ,world !
I just wanted to post some links that will help those who want to learn how to edit manga.(cleaning&typesetting) . I know that's somewhat hard , and I personally spent a lot of time looking for the perfect guide . But there isn't. Instead , I took fragments of every guide and was eventually fine.
So , I wanted to make it easier for those having trouble with this , so here are some sites I used : (They're not perfect though , but when you get used to it , you'll discover new things and develop your own techniques.It's not that difficult !)
5.(very small)

I know it may be intimidating at first , but trust me , if you really want to you can get there .And , take me for example.I started from square ZERO !! I didn't even have Photoshop on my PC , hence I had never touched it before !! But then I managed :) But then , of course , I'm still considered a newbie , so ,I'm not one to talk :D
 Ja mata !

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