Friday, June 15, 2012

Latest Manga I've Read

Hello ! It's been a while since I posted on a manga I've read. **Note :There might be spoilers**
Well , now I'll talk about a manga I've read and completed just now. You don't wanna see me right now ,trust me ! I'm typing while my eyes are all red and puffy :') .Why ? Because I've just finished reading this manga  .Rec - Kimi ga naita hi .It's rather short -only 4 chapters- but it sure made me cry my eyes out ! I was also listening to some sad music then ! It just added up to it !
I'm a failure when it comes to drama or sad stories.I always end up crying , don't know why.I never used to be that much of a touchy person before.

That cover poster gave me the impression of something totally different from what the story really is , so ,don't mind it . Looking at the poster , I thought at first that the guy would be a sadist or a snob that's using that innocent girl. Yes ! that's what I actually thought when I saw the cover ! But it's not like that at all ! Both of them are actually really nice people !

About the story line : It's about a girl who has never cried before.And the fact that she's always carrying a camcorder with her makes her an outcast who everybody thinks of as a weirdo who likes to record creepy scenes.The main male character is a teenage actor who has just retired , and who goes to the same high school as her,and who discovers her true ,gentle self . She also sees through him and gets to know the real him.But ,the real reason behind his decision to retire might be something that'll change the lives of those two who had just found love.

How about that ? That was my own summary of the story ! I tried not to spoil it as much as possible ...
..Meh ~ what am I talking about ? I just can't keep my mouth shut , I'm a bad reviewer . :@

It wasn't one of my favourites (like for example Hana to Akuma <3) but it was overall a good one :) .
It's touching ,I like the passion shown there , and it inspired me to smile !
That's my own opinion anyway , so if you don't like sad endings , I don't  suggest you read it.
But you know , in every sad manga there's always someone who thinks it's not sad ! Before and after I read a manga , I sometimes like to take a look at the comments .And I always find that among the people who commented on a certain sad manga , there's usually this one person who doesn't consider it sad .They say if you look at it from another perspective , it might not be that sad after all ; it can be seen as a kind of happy or bittersweet ending.

I suppose they're right .That is , if you looked at it from a different point of view :D . Some people (including me sometimes) tend to ignore that fact and only see the sad ,tragic end to a story :D.

Now to the Good Deed A Day section :
The title to this manga means : 'The day you cried'
Kimi : you
ga : It's an identifier (/subject) particle (can be used as an equivalent to is/are sometimes)
naita : The past of 'naite' which means cry
hi : means 'Day'.

Of course you all understand that the Japanese sentence order is different from English  :D

Don't worry I'm not wasting my entire time reading mangas ! I've put time in there for 'scanlating' Mitsu Aji Blood so no worries :)

Ah ! Right ! There's a song that I really like , it's an OST of ''AWalk To Remember '' if anyone knows it . (It's a good , yet sad movie .I'd recommend it if you have no problem with tragedy).If you know it , then you already know that the song won't be a happy one .I just thought that it kind of fits this manga .(Just the general idea , not all the events)

Well , you are spoiled ! Here's another song that this manga also reminded me of ! Actually it has nothing to do with the manga .It's just a couple of lines in the song that I love :D( It's a little old so not all of you will like it)But I'll just post it anyway !


Bye !

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