Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 8

Hello !
I've posted before about this manga I was translating/editing , right ? Well , I've finished chapter 8 ! Yaay !
But then of course , since I know nothing at all , I don't know if it'll be better if I uploaded the images in Jpg or png so I made 2 versions :D .
Here's the jpg one :
annnd here's the png one :
I really hope from all my heart that people will like it.Like I said earlier , I just entered this Photoshop ,scanlating ,translating , uploading world ! So I don't know why I feel like there's gonna be a problem ! Ahhh I'm such a pessimist ! And I'm so nervous ! I've spent a huuge amount of time doing this , so I'll be really happy if only one  commented on this release :D Here or in Mangafox :) Although I know I messed up a lot on the editing thing :SS.
Here's a preview :

Okay .I'll act like a commercial person (whatever you call them ^^) : Who's that guy ? How is he related to Junya ?? And why does he hate him so much ? What's going to happen to Hinata ?!
You'll find out when you read this chapter :3
More and more secrets are about to unravel ! Please look forward to chapter 9 ! (In progress) 

Haha , how do you like that ? :)
Well ,see ya !


  1. I was following this manga and ,seeing you've released ch.8, I reviewed M-U releases of it, finding that last chapter updated was 5. Do you know what happened to ch.6-7 (someone else translated them, tou didn't want to do them...)?

    1. Hi ! Um , actually ,chapters 6 & 7 were 'scanlated' by xxbAlicebxx (Alice) and you can find them on mangatraders( ) (scroll down and you'll find them at the bottom of the page)
      and on Mangafox :(

      I think that wasn't mentioned on Manga Updates because it's not a group that was scanlating it .It was a single person. ^_^
      But a really nice person offered to put the updates of my releases on Manga Updates under the name of their group (Twisted Mist) ,so that people would go to their group's site ,which will then lead them to my blog :D .It's because I don't have a scanlating group and I don't intend to create one.Here's the link to their group's blog :( . Check them out !

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work! The scans look fantastic. ヾ(^∇^)

    1. Ahhh ! Thank you very much ! I'm really delighted (*^__^*)..>(Actually that was supposed to be a blushing face.I don't know hoe to do it :D)
      I'm glad the quality turned out okay :)

  3. Thanks so much for your hard work! Very good job for your first time! :D

    1. You guys make me sooo happy ! It feels good to have all of you support me like this :)))) Thank you !!