Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sugoku Ureshii desu !

Aaah I'm so happy ! A big thank you to everyone who posted comments on my first release here and on Mangafox :)
Another big thank you to Twisted Mist and their co-administrator Apocalyptichist for posting the link to my blog on their site :)
To everyone out there who has helped me , through actions or supportive words , you've made me ecstatic ! You don't know how much support does to people. It benefits both sides : the readers : they get faster releases ! and the scanlator : she's actually happy while editing the chapter so she won't think of dying young or anything :D I never actually thought that someone would comment or find this blog ! It's thanks to the nice people at Twisted Mist and the nice people that commented on my post :D

So I've been thinking about starting a '' One Good Deed a Day'' thing here :D . As in : I post a nice quote , or a useful word or phrase in another language .Or any nice fact I've found ! How does that sound ?
(I know that Kimi Ni Todoke readers might have noticed this :D . I got the motto ''Good Deed a Day'' from the main protagonist 'Sawako' :3 . She's great !)

For today , I'll tell you a phrase I know in Japanese ! It's actually the title to this post :)

For those who don't know what the title means , ''sugoku ureshii desu'' means ''I'm very happy''
:) . There , you've learnt a new Japanese phrase :) I don't know Kanji , but here's the phrase in Hiragana(I'm not a Japanese learner btw) : すごく うれしい です。

I would be extra glad if whoever likes this blog reads my previous posts ! You can know a lot about me there !

I'll also be posting about my progress in the editing/translating process later on so stay tuned !

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