Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi Minna-san !
It's been a while since I last posted ,huh ! It's because I was (and still am) very busy for the past few weeks and up till now. There's this festival I'm going to rehearsals for (which includes acting , singing AND dancing :D) ,I've been running some 'errands' for my family and much much more ! Also , there have been some ups and downs in my life in the past months.So I'll probably release chapter 9 of Mitsu Aji Blood  a little later .
I'm really trying and doing my best to finish it quickly , but luck (and time) is just not on my side now.:S
So , I formally apologize to everyone who's waiting for the next chapter.Believe me , I know that feeling .I've been there . That's why I try to give it my all .
If it'll make things any better , here's a sample page (click to enlarge) :

Also , you can tell me if you want me to post any spoilers , or more 'sample pages' , or if you even want me to make summaries for the remaining chapters while I'm still working on them. Just comment under any post and I'll gladly do it for you !

You know what ? I'll spoil you guys a little and put another picture here :D

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