Friday, March 22, 2013

Coming Soon..!

Hey there everybody ! This is my first post after being AWOL for so long ! Well ,I don't think I'll be able to post regularly ,but for now ,I've got good news ! To all of you Mitsu Aji Blood fans waiting for chapter 9 to be released , I would like to tell you all that it's going to be released really soon ! So ,please look forward to it ! Thank you LynnaChan for helping me with the editing ,and Anna ,for helping me with the translating ! Actually ,you see, Anna ,who's helping me translate , sent me her translations a very looong time ago. And so did LynnaChan ,with the cleaned scans.But I have had a lot of problems since then and couldn't work on the chapter at all..It's an important year for me (in my studies) and 'real life' issues kind of carried over into my ,as I like to call it ,'other life' ,or 'PC life' :D.So that held me back and I couldn't do much about it .Moreover ,at that time, MY PC BROKE DOWN ! And believe me ,that has caused me a lot of problems..

 About chapter 9 ,Lynnachan has cleaned the whole chapter but I had already cleaned and typeset the first 8 pages before that,so I included them in the chapter instead.Simply because I didn't really have that much time to be redoing any pages or type-setting them all over. My ,uh, 'cleaning style' is a little different from LynnaChan ,who is much better than me of course ,so ,I apologize in advance if you find the differences (in the pictures) between the first 8 pages and the rest of the chapter a little annoying. I hope it doesn't bother you.

That post was relatively short ,wasn't it ? Compared to my previous ones ,I mean.XD Well ,I just wanted to let Mitsu Aji Blood's fans (,who,*hopefully* aren't going to kill me) rest assured ,because chapter 9 is on the way ! (Chapter 10(the last one) isn't ,though ,just saying..But I'll try my best..But don't expect much..I've been so busy as of late..T_T ) (Oh..and , with all the mess that happened when my PC crashed ,I kind of lost the raw scans for chapter 11 (the extra) .I can't find it anywhere on the computer ,but I'll try to get the raws from anyone who has them (and is kind enough to send them to me) ,or maybe even ask xxdAlicebxx to re-send them to me..Argh I can't believe I lost them...But well ,let's worry about chapter 10 first ^_^'' ..)

Oh ,I almost forgot since it's been so long .The Good deed a Day section !! :D (It seems like this post won't be 'short' anymore like I thought ^^'' )

Today ,it's going to be a quotation I like.It was said by Uncle Toui form 'Her Majesty's Dog' : ''A sword of steel cuts the flesh...and a sword of words cuts the soul.''

Also this : ''Suspicion sees with double vision.Don't forget.'' - also by Uncle Toui

Oh ,and this is a quote which I just found ,so I don't know who said it.. : 'You have to know the past to understand the present.'

Well , I have several things to say about that I'll just say my opinion.
I guess this means that we shouldn't judge people ,as we haven't seen their past or known what they've been through or what has made them the way they are in the present.We don't know their past ,so how could we just judge them like that ?! Plus ,it's not like we're any better than many of the people we tend to judge ; we're not perfect either.We all have flaws ,even if we're not aware of most of them.
But sometimes ,it just depends on the person ! Sometimes you meet those kinds of people who can just completely understand you ,and what you do ! Without knowing your past !(Or maybe they can understand you by just knowing just a little of your past.) They can just read people like an open book ! (But well ,that's kind of rare..)
And ,this might be a little irrelevant but , there's more to every one of us than meets the eye ! Even if it were the most honest ,blunt person ever ! I believe there's more to them ! And ,since some of you readers (who probably don't exist, I always hope for the best XD ) read manga ,I believe you've come across that case a lot ! Like ,when someone turns out to be a completely different person than what you thought they'd be..

Oookay, gone out of hand ,as usual .. So , good luck with your life ,anyone who's reading this :D !
See you !(really soon ! )

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