Monday, June 17, 2013

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 10!

Hello, Daisy here!
Woohoo! So, finally I've been able to finish the 10th and last chapter of Mitsu Aji Blood,as far as I know..

There's an extra(chapter 11) included in this volume(vol.2) and *supposedly* I have it on my PC, which is still being repaired. Apparently there was a major problem with the hardware..T_T..I'm currently using a laptop I've borrowed in order to complete this release! :D So once I get my PC back I'll see about that extra chapter. It's about Setsuna, and it doesn't affect the original story.
I pulled two-almost three- all-nighters to finish this chapter! Oww my aching back DX..Anyway, it was for the good of the people! :D Omg, and the last page!!! It consumed a lot of my life force XD since I kind of re-cleaned many parts..><
Exactly how I looked like.

Of course, as usual, special thanks to my life saver LynnaChan ^_^. She cleaned this chapter for me, and you. :)
I hope you like this chapter (regardless of how the story ends ^^'') since LynnaChan and I did our best! :)

(Spoiler)(Kind of)

Now, about the ending....Well....I know it might not be that satisfying, but at least they're together for now,right?
I've also  heard that the author actually had another ending in mind but couldn't publish it because of some publishing problems,or problems with the magazine, something like that..(that gave me some hope :D)
(End of Spoiler)

Oh,and one more thing I thought I should mention is that there is a third volume for Mitsu Aji Blood. However,I've heard from some people that it only has extras, including Mitsu Aji Blood 0, which was released before as a one-shot, I think.
I have not seen or read that volume myself so I can never be 100% sure,though.I only got the scans for volume 2 from Alice.

Edit: I've also found out that there's up to chapter 14 on a Chinese site!! (They added 3 more chapters) But then I figured out they were just doujinshi.. :(  PLUS, they're in Chinese! XD (Another possibility is that they're the extras from volume 3,which I don't have..I doubt that though...)
Here's the link if anyone's interested >>

And finally, the links !! (I don't know why they're so long :S )

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I'll also add the links to the Mitsu Aji Blood page :).

Oh, and please let me know what you think of this chapter!!! > <


  1. Oh, Daisy-sama :D I am glad that I'm a helper since after a long problem of my laptop also I love Mistu Aji Blood xD I am happy that we can share that to everyone <3 If there's needed me I am happy to give you an hand ^_^'