Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mitsu Aji Blood Volume2 Extra Chapter


Finally, I was able to finish the last chapter of Mitsu Aji Blood volume 2, which is an extra about Setsuna. I guess you can say it's chapter 11. (btw, it's short!)
 Aahh it feels so good to finish something that's been going on for so long! Since I don't know whether the mangaka has published any more chapters or volumes for this manga, I'll just think of it as a completed one for now :D. If anyone has any news about this which they think I should know then, please, douzo! I'd love to know if there's any *official* continuation to the story!
As always, thank you LynnaChan for cleaning this one too. :) :)

Here it is!
Sample Page



I love it when the file sizes are so small! :3
Jaa na!

*Edit* Oops, seems like I put the last page(Special Thanks page) in the beginning instead..Well, I'm too tired to change that now..:S It wouldn't matter to the readers that much, right? ;)