Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mitsu Aji Blood Volume2 Extra Chapter


Finally, I was able to finish the last chapter of Mitsu Aji Blood volume 2, which is an extra about Setsuna. I guess you can say it's chapter 11. (btw, it's short!)
 Aahh it feels so good to finish something that's been going on for so long! Since I don't know whether the mangaka has published any more chapters or volumes for this manga, I'll just think of it as a completed one for now :D. If anyone has any news about this which they think I should know then, please, douzo! I'd love to know if there's any *official* continuation to the story!
As always, thank you LynnaChan for cleaning this one too. :) :)

Here it is!
Sample Page



I love it when the file sizes are so small! :3
Jaa na!

*Edit* Oops, seems like I put the last page(Special Thanks page) in the beginning instead..Well, I'm too tired to change that now..:S It wouldn't matter to the readers that much, right? ;)


  1. Hello first of all wanted to say thank you for scanlating Mitsu Aji Blood I absolutely love this manga! But is it really comeplete? Manga-updates says it has 3 volumes and still ongoing. And myanimelist also says it has 3 volumes. here's the references if you are interested but Icouldn't find the raws.

    1. Hello juju84 :) Ah yes, I saw that too, but couldn't find any raws or any evidence that a continuation actually exists :D. Thank you for commenting, and for telling me! Btw, I also asked someone about this, and she told me that the author said on her blog in 2012 that she just finished the last chapter of MAB (even though the series was supposed to be over like, 2/3 years before that or something), however, when she looked into it a bit more, she couldn't find any published volumes other than volumes 1 & 2, and 0, which doesn't affect the original story... After looking at the third site you linked to, that third volume(volume 0) appears to have one-shots/extras, but not a continuation..
      But what that person told me means that the author must have completed it somehow...So there's still hope that someone might find those missing chapters! :D
      That's all I know...
      Thank you again and I'm sorry I can't be of help..:(

  2. Actually I got a big Pocket/book with many different kind of series in it ( You know, those with one chapter of each manga that is released either once a year or once a month.) as a christmas gift this year. It was imported directly from Japan by my step dad since he know I'm studying Japanese. I can't understand all of it. But the chapter of Mitsu Aji Blood in it seems to be from the 3rd volume. So I guess it really has a 3rd volume. Though I only have this chapter and can't post any raws since I don't want to destroy it for any good quality uploads.

    But the Big pocket/book with different mangas is named "Sho-Comi"

    Hope you still find the rest of the story!

    1. Wow, really?! This year? So it's recent,huh.. Um, do you know if this is the last chapter or not? :) And, it's okay, I totally understand. Thank you for telling me this! I know it may be too much to ask but, could you tell me how the chapter ended or if they reached a conclusion?

      Hmm, so it's in Sho-Comi.. I hope I can find it too! :) Thank you!

    2. The book was released in 2008, but one can still buy them. I've read a bit of the chapter and it seems to either be a future/past chapter or an extra spin-off.

    3. I see.. So most probably it was an extra, like I've been told.. I'll try to see if someone else has it. :)

  3. Hey, I really love this manga, thank you sooo much for translating it! I have this site, it has the chapters but in Chinese, if you can translate them It'll be awesome ( ) Hope this helps! I want the next chapter so bad T-T

  4. Thank you, I really appreciate it, but I can't read Chinese. :'( :(