Mitsu Aji Blood

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 8

Hello !
I've posted before about this manga I was translating/editing , right ? Well , I've finished chapter 8 ! Yaay !
But then of course , since I know nothing at all , I don't know if it'll be better if I uploaded the images in Jpg or png so I made 2 versions :D .
Here's the jpg one :
annnd here's the png one :
I really hope from all my heart that people will like it.Like I said earlier , I just entered this Photoshop ,scanlating ,translating , uploading world ! So I don't know why I feel like there's gonna be a problem ! Ahhh I'm such a pessimist ! And I'm so nervous ! I've spent a huuge amount of time doing this , so I'll be really happy if only one  commented on this release :D Here or in Mangafox :) Although I know I messed up a lot on the editing thing :SS.
Here's a preview :

Okay .I'll act like a commercial person (whatever you call them ^^) : Who's that guy ? How is he related to Junya ?? And why does he hate him so much ? What's going to happen to Hinata ?!
You'll find out when you read this chapter :3
More and more secrets are about to unravel ! Please look forward to chapter 9 ! (In progress) 

Haha , how do you like that ? :)
Well ,see ya !

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 9

Have fun ! :)

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 10

jpg :
Ciao! ^^

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 11(Extra)

~ Fin~ (for now at least :D)

Thank you so very much for always supporting me and my releases, Twisted Mist Scans !! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

My pretty editor LynnaChan ^_^:

And to those who have supported me up till now(here and on Mangafox), I'm very grateful, really \(T∇T)/


  1. Thank you so much for continuing this! I really really really can't wait to read the next chapter!

    1. No problem ! Thank you for your motivating words !! :))) I'm working on it :)

    2. Have you considered uploading to MangaEden? I don't know all the politics, but that's where I read most of my manga, and it currently only has through Chapter 7.

    3. Mmm.. I don't know , I'm not experienced in that at all . I didn't even upload it to Mangafox myself :) .There was someone from Twisted Mist scanlation group that uploaded it for me.So I don't know how to upload it on MangaEden. Sorry ! :S ..But you can always read it on Mangafox here :

  2. Are we going to see Chapters 9+ any time in the near future? Someone else uploaded your translations to mangaeden, lucky me! ^_^

    1. Oh ,that was me :D .I registered there when you told me about it ;) .
      Yes ,it's coming really really soon ! Sorry for the wait !

  3. do not worry, very soon Daisy-sama will release the Mitsu Aji Blood ^_~

    as of *cough.. cough* I am helping her mopping the raw xD well I know you guys are very excited to see the chapter 9 and even tho I can not understand anything language (only english) I know that you will still be in-love to see those lovey dovey -Junya & Hinata- ^_^ Oh well i don't want to spoiled anything here. So that's all guys!!!

    1. Aww Lynna-sama ! Thank you so much for replying to her ,and for helping me so much !! I'm sorry for being so late ,but I promise ,it'll be released real soon !

  4. Yay! Thank you for Chapter 9! Did you see you now have 30 followers on MangaEden? ^_^

  5. Oh,really ?! WOAH that's big !! I can't see it but thank you for letting me know ! :D It feels good :3~ Oh ,and don't worry,I'm currently working on chapter 10 :).It's already cleaned by LynnaChan ^__^

  6. Are you still active? I've been waiting for the update and I just look at the raws and try to guess whats happening (weeping inside)

    1. I was translating form German raws.. Sadly, I don't have any more raws and I'm not even sure that further chapters(ones that aren't extras) were released outside of Japan. I wish I even had Japanese raws but I don't.. If anyone finds the missing chapters in Japanese I'd be more than happy to continue. (I have some friends who know Japanese so I can get them to help me..) Believe me I'm not too happy about it either..:(