Friday, December 16, 2011

Latest News !

Some news:
U.N. lifts sanctions on Central Bank of Libya and Libyan Foreign Bank

#Obama on #US economy: "This isn't about class warfare, this is about the nation's welfare."

 Al Jazeera English 

On the Blog: Libya's days of hope and frustration 

Tens of thousands of children abused in Dutch Catholic institutions, report says - The Guardian 

Russian Aid Convoy Crosses Into Kosovo - ABC News

Chinese Rebel Village Holds Memorial for Protest Leader - Wall Street Journal 

Japan declares tsunami-crippled nuke plant stable - USA Today

Syrian Army Defectors Reportedly Kill 27 Soldiers - New York Times

France hands Carlos the Jackal another life prison term - Reuters

Canada to evacuate citizens from troubled Syria -

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The movie to make me cry the most . .タイヨウのうた..( Taiyou no Uta) (Midnight Sun or song to the sun)         
Epic.. Dramatic..
and of course awesome ost .. because they're sung by YUI ..

Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Thoughts..(About Giving Up)

You know .. I've decided to never give up on what I truly want .. because the ecstasy of obtaining my long awaited goal .. is much better than the fear of losing my way.So what if i lose my way ? Even if I don't have anyone on my side . I must do what I want to do  , and what I know will please me , not what other people want me to do.. I'm pretty sure that God will guide me to the right way that awaits me.. and this faith is what keeps us humans moving forward.. faith in God ... and in ourselves and abilities to overcome whatever trouble faces us..It's the MIND &SOUL ! They are the main reasons that we still have hope .. Wake up people !And come to realize how great the power of the mind is ! 'You can ,if you think you can'
So..No matter what happens don't lose hope in life.. because from what I have learnt and experienced  in life , I deduced that : A happy day NEVER lasts , and a sad day NEVER LASTS EITHER :)  so , keep your hopes up because you never know what life has for you hidden in its twists..
Ohh.. and  I know it's a little late to say that but i want to break the ice after this looooooooooooooong life lesson by this line in Katy Perry's ''firework'' :
after a hurricane comes a rainbow 
I'd really appreciate it even if only one person read my posts and I'd be glad to have helped someone in their life so that he/she wouldn't repeat my foolish mistakes in life....
whoooh ! what a long lecture ! I got caught up in that and got so dramatic ! sorry :) but i really hope that i've been of use to anyone who read this.

Vampire Knight !

Hey! I just wanted to show you guys the picture of my one and only Zero ! :D So , here he is ! He's so cute, isn't he ?! Why do I like him so much , you might ask ? Because he is so loyal and trustworthy. Rough on the outside , however, extremely gentle and kind from the inside..And his dark side just adds up to his charm !! He is also so passionate, loving and protective <33 !That's actually the kind of guy I wish to have..

2013 Edit :
Okay, so he died. >_>
But I don't think it's that bad, because at least he got to be with the girl he loved for a relatively long period of time! Until the moment of his death, when death did them apart. :D

Anyway, this childhood crush of mine has ended  LONG ago, I just wanted to say that.XD Even before I read VK's last chapter, if you're thinking that might be the reason. :P
You know, after all, Vampire Knight was one of the first shoujo anime I've watched.Oh, it was also the first manga I've ever read!!(Since the anime led me to the manga..)  So by then I hadn't watched/read any other shoujo stuff, therefore, I hadn't seen any other guys (let alone ikemen or bishounen :3) to admire! :D But now I've got lotss of characters(guys and girls alike) in my favourites list. <3