Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi Minna-san !
It's been a while since I last posted ,huh ! It's because I was (and still am) very busy for the past few weeks and up till now. There's this festival I'm going to rehearsals for (which includes acting , singing AND dancing :D) ,I've been running some 'errands' for my family and much much more ! Also , there have been some ups and downs in my life in the past months.So I'll probably release chapter 9 of Mitsu Aji Blood  a little later .
I'm really trying and doing my best to finish it quickly , but luck (and time) is just not on my side now.:S
So , I formally apologize to everyone who's waiting for the next chapter.Believe me , I know that feeling .I've been there . That's why I try to give it my all .
If it'll make things any better , here's a sample page (click to enlarge) :

Also , you can tell me if you want me to post any spoilers , or more 'sample pages' , or if you even want me to make summaries for the remaining chapters while I'm still working on them. Just comment under any post and I'll gladly do it for you !

You know what ? I'll spoil you guys a little and put another picture here :D

Friday, June 15, 2012

Latest Manga I've Read

Hello ! It's been a while since I posted on a manga I've read. **Note :There might be spoilers**
Well , now I'll talk about a manga I've read and completed just now. You don't wanna see me right now ,trust me ! I'm typing while my eyes are all red and puffy :') .Why ? Because I've just finished reading this manga  .Rec - Kimi ga naita hi .It's rather short -only 4 chapters- but it sure made me cry my eyes out ! I was also listening to some sad music then ! It just added up to it !
I'm a failure when it comes to drama or sad stories.I always end up crying , don't know why.I never used to be that much of a touchy person before.

That cover poster gave me the impression of something totally different from what the story really is , so ,don't mind it . Looking at the poster , I thought at first that the guy would be a sadist or a snob that's using that innocent girl. Yes ! that's what I actually thought when I saw the cover ! But it's not like that at all ! Both of them are actually really nice people !

About the story line : It's about a girl who has never cried before.And the fact that she's always carrying a camcorder with her makes her an outcast who everybody thinks of as a weirdo who likes to record creepy scenes.The main male character is a teenage actor who has just retired , and who goes to the same high school as her,and who discovers her true ,gentle self . She also sees through him and gets to know the real him.But ,the real reason behind his decision to retire might be something that'll change the lives of those two who had just found love.

How about that ? That was my own summary of the story ! I tried not to spoil it as much as possible ...
..Meh ~ what am I talking about ? I just can't keep my mouth shut , I'm a bad reviewer . :@

It wasn't one of my favourites (like for example Hana to Akuma <3) but it was overall a good one :) .
It's touching ,I like the passion shown there , and it inspired me to smile !
That's my own opinion anyway , so if you don't like sad endings , I don't  suggest you read it.
But you know , in every sad manga there's always someone who thinks it's not sad ! Before and after I read a manga , I sometimes like to take a look at the comments .And I always find that among the people who commented on a certain sad manga , there's usually this one person who doesn't consider it sad .They say if you look at it from another perspective , it might not be that sad after all ; it can be seen as a kind of happy or bittersweet ending.

I suppose they're right .That is , if you looked at it from a different point of view :D . Some people (including me sometimes) tend to ignore that fact and only see the sad ,tragic end to a story :D.

Now to the Good Deed A Day section :
The title to this manga means : 'The day you cried'
Kimi : you
ga : It's an identifier (/subject) particle (can be used as an equivalent to is/are sometimes)
naita : The past of 'naite' which means cry
hi : means 'Day'.

Of course you all understand that the Japanese sentence order is different from English  :D

Don't worry I'm not wasting my entire time reading mangas ! I've put time in there for 'scanlating' Mitsu Aji Blood so no worries :)

Ah ! Right ! There's a song that I really like , it's an OST of ''AWalk To Remember '' if anyone knows it . (It's a good , yet sad movie .I'd recommend it if you have no problem with tragedy).If you know it , then you already know that the song won't be a happy one .I just thought that it kind of fits this manga .(Just the general idea , not all the events)

Well , you are spoiled ! Here's another song that this manga also reminded me of ! Actually it has nothing to do with the manga .It's just a couple of lines in the song that I love :D( It's a little old so not all of you will like it)But I'll just post it anyway !


Bye !

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sugoku Ureshii desu !

Aaah I'm so happy ! A big thank you to everyone who posted comments on my first release here and on Mangafox :)
Another big thank you to Twisted Mist and their co-administrator Apocalyptichist for posting the link to my blog on their site :)
To everyone out there who has helped me , through actions or supportive words , you've made me ecstatic ! You don't know how much support does to people. It benefits both sides : the readers : they get faster releases ! and the scanlator : she's actually happy while editing the chapter so she won't think of dying young or anything :D I never actually thought that someone would comment or find this blog ! It's thanks to the nice people at Twisted Mist and the nice people that commented on my post :D

So I've been thinking about starting a '' One Good Deed a Day'' thing here :D . As in : I post a nice quote , or a useful word or phrase in another language .Or any nice fact I've found ! How does that sound ?
(I know that Kimi Ni Todoke readers might have noticed this :D . I got the motto ''Good Deed a Day'' from the main protagonist 'Sawako' :3 . She's great !)

For today , I'll tell you a phrase I know in Japanese ! It's actually the title to this post :)

For those who don't know what the title means , ''sugoku ureshii desu'' means ''I'm very happy''
:) . There , you've learnt a new Japanese phrase :) I don't know Kanji , but here's the phrase in Hiragana(I'm not a Japanese learner btw) : すごく うれしい です。

I would be extra glad if whoever likes this blog reads my previous posts ! You can know a lot about me there !

I'll also be posting about my progress in the editing/translating process later on so stay tuned !

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mitsu Aji Blood Chapter 8

Hello !
I've posted before about this manga I was translating/editing , right ? Well , I've finished chapter 8 ! Yaay !
But then of course , since I know nothing at all , I don't know if it'll be better if I uploaded the images in Jpg or png so I made 2 versions :D .
Here's the jpg one :
annnd here's the png one :
I really hope from all my heart that people will like it.Like I said earlier , I just entered this Photoshop ,scanlating ,translating , uploading world ! So I don't know why I feel like there's gonna be a problem ! Ahhh I'm such a pessimist ! And I'm so nervous ! I've spent a huuge amount of time doing this , so I'll be really happy if only one  commented on this release :D Here or in Mangafox :) Although I know I messed up a lot on the editing thing :SS.
Here's a preview :

Okay .I'll act like a commercial person (whatever you call them ^^) : Who's that guy ? How is he related to Junya ?? And why does he hate him so much ? What's going to happen to Hinata ?!
You'll find out when you read this chapter :3
More and more secrets are about to unravel ! Please look forward to chapter 9 ! (In progress) 

Haha , how do you like that ? :)
Well ,see ya !

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fuyu Daisuki ..

Hello  ! It's pretty hot these days ! It's especially these days when I really feel how awesome Winter is !
Actually , I've always loved Winter , but the only thing I dislike about it is that there's SCHOOL there :S
And the only thing I like about summer is that it's the vacation season .:D
(For those who didn't understand the title , it means 'I love Winter' in Japanese :) )
Don't you just feel that it's so cool and peaceful ? I don't know about everyone but I personally prefer calm atmospheres. I don't mind rain at all though.
If I had to choose between freezing to death or melting to death , of course I'd choose freezing ! Plus ,in Winter you don't sweat ! Isn't that reasonable enough ?! Anyway , I like wearing Winter clothing more , and I just love it when you're feeling cold and hurry home and get under the blanket :3.And , when you go make yourself hot chocolate to drink while you're working or doing something at home .Also , when you're sitting next to the closed window , watching the rain drops finding their way to the bottom :) , hearing the strong wind blowing out there , knowing that you're safe and sound inside your home.

Aghhhh ! This talk made me think of homeless people ..:( .How do you think they live on during these times ?!  Every time I think of that I immediately get this feeling that I have to do something for them.All I can do is donate though. And try to help them whenever I come across one in the streets... I feel awful that I'm so helpless ! I do what I can do but I feel like it's not the least bit enough !
Please ,everyone , never forget those people . Try to help them with whatever you can do. Also , a smile wouldn't hurt :) . Treating people nicely and kindly always has good outcomes and effects on them even if you can't help them financially.The doorman ,the maid , cleaner ,all the people that do things for you , you may not know it but you smiling to them and thanking them every once in a while kind of helps them ! Who knows , you may encourage them to do better at their jobs , and they may get a raise or a promotion !
Well ,that's just me assuming things....All in all , a kind word always helps.

So.. back to the rain /Winter topic ! Here's a song (not a happy one) that's somehow related to rain !
It's Rain on me by Cheryl Cole .

There's also 'Rain' by YUI , but I couldn't find a video for it on Youtube !! They're all covers ..

So , may we meet again ! :D

Monday, May 28, 2012

Manga Editing

Hello ,world !
I just wanted to post some links that will help those who want to learn how to edit manga.(cleaning&typesetting) . I know that's somewhat hard , and I personally spent a lot of time looking for the perfect guide . But there isn't. Instead , I took fragments of every guide and was eventually fine.
So , I wanted to make it easier for those having trouble with this , so here are some sites I used : (They're not perfect though , but when you get used to it , you'll discover new things and develop your own techniques.It's not that difficult !)
5.(very small)

I know it may be intimidating at first , but trust me , if you really want to you can get there .And , take me for example.I started from square ZERO !! I didn't even have Photoshop on my PC , hence I had never touched it before !! But then I managed :) But then , of course , I'm still considered a newbie , so ,I'm not one to talk :D
 Ja mata !

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello !  I'm back again with some stuff :D
Hi !!

First , I wanted to share something : I've noticed that love and hate are extremely close , they're both really strong feelings , and people say they're opposites .But opposites attract , and you hating someone means that he/she is an important existence in your life . I mean ,how can you hate someone when you're not thinking about him ? Can you hate somebody when he doesn't even cross your mind ? The answer is , no. At least this is what I think and what I've experienced . It's either you love someone , hate him , or don't even care about him .
Not caring about someone means that you don't hold any feelings or emotions for him , neither love , nor hate.But when you hate someone , that means that he has a place inside your mind ! That's why you even bother to hold feelings of hate towards him/her !
Also , in just a moment , this hate can turn into love . With one action or incident , you can entirely change your idea or opinion of that person .First impressions aren't always right , and  there's always something hidden about that person that you have to find out yourself . Everyone has more than one personality . If not , then let's say that everybody has several , different traits , which are brought out gradually when you get closer to that person and get to see his different selves. I myself have different personalities , which come out naturally due to the different people and circumstances I come across .That's not called Schizophrenia or hypocrisy or anything like that , that's different . It's the new traits , whether good or bad , that you gain throughout your life ,and you use each trait or each way to deal with a different kind of problem that you face.
So , back to the love and hate topic :D .It's sometimes easier to love someone you hate than to love someone you didn't even care about  . Because ,as long as that person has a place in your mind , and has an impact on you (whether good or bad feelings , love or hate) , it would be easy to change the feelings inside that place in your mind from love to hate or vice versa .
Sometimes you find two people who were extremely in love with each other suddenly breaking up over something trivial , and some of them can even get to the point where they abhor each other ! See how feelings of love can change in an instant into feelings of hate ? Just because of one action someone has done ?!
Same with hate . When you hate someone , you can't help but notice what they do  , and their actions sometimes leave an impact on you. When you think of things you hate , or when you come across some situations in life , they're the first person who comes to your mind ! For example, if someone asks you if you hate somebody , that person you hate immediately pops up in you mind ! Also , if someone treats you badly , you might think : That's something he would do ,or , What would he have done if he were in my shoes ?

I'm pretty sure I had more examples but I just forgot them :S Sorry !
Anyway , I hope you got my point , and don't hesitate to drop me a comment and share your opinions !!

Oh , one more thing : I have many personalities too ! Have you notices how I can change quickly from my 'joking & stupid ' mode to my 'serious preacher ' mode ?!!! Baaammmm ! I'm a transformer ! Whohooo ! :D
Okay ,to end this post I'm going to leave you with some quotes I came across (Some may even be epitaphs on graveyards !! , but I just like them :D ) :

''And is he dead, whose glorious mind 
Lifts thine on high?
 To live in hearts we leave behind 
Is not to die.''    
 Thomas Campbell

Well ,I did say some were epitaphs , so they're definitely related to death :D But their touching !(Thine is a pronoun , like yours or ours , in case there are foreigners :D)

Hana To Akuma Spoiler! I warn all those who are planning to read it/haven't finished it!

Also :
''To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die ''

On Hana's gravestone in Hana to Akuma :'((
I was really affected and touched because it really goes perfectly with the story line .A bittersweet ending for a beautiful, sweet manga . <3

Spoiler End

And finally , from ToGetHer (Taiwanese Drama) :
''Let this be my last word , 
that I trust thy love ''
(thy = your :D , for foreigners :D)

See you soon ,whoever reads this blog !

2013 Edit: I've recently read this manhwa called 'I Wish' which had something which reminded me of this post, so I came back here. ^__^ There was someone who couldn't tell the difference between love and hate.(That's it, I won't explain it in detail, for those who might actually want to read the manhwa..)
It's a good one. A recommendation! :D And it's just too hilarious!! I loved it!

Baka Na Watashi...

And I'm back on track !
It's been long since my last post , mainly because I'm a lazy bum , partially because I've had exams :D
And now that I've finished my exams I feel like I'm even busier ! I mean , I have so much in my mind and so many things I want to do that I've become a mess.
There has been this manga that I was reading , and the scanlator (scanner + translator) dropped it ,and was looking for someone to pick it up. She was German , and was scanlating from German raws .
Of course , since I know some German ,and I like reading German stuff ,and was eager to know what would happen next in the manga, I e-mailed her immediately ,ignoring the fact that I have never even seen how the interface of Photoshop looks like !! I don't have it on my computer , have never seen it , touched it  , or had anything to do with it ! Yup , that's something someone as stupid as me would do.She even sent me the link to where she uploaded the rest of the chapters.(Thank God they weren't many : D)
But then , I decided to take responsibility for my rash actions , and start from square one .So , I downloaded the Photoshop , searched the whole internet for a crack that didn't have any virus , and finally found it after hours ,-no , days of searching !
Then , I kept searching again for some good tutorials , but I didn't understand much , so I managed to do with whatever I understood .The rest , I discovered it by playing around with the Photoshop tools and searching for some tips on the internet.You have no idea how much time and effort that took me !! Well , it was my own fault anyways *blush* .
Anyway , thankfully I started cleaning the manga , translating , typesetting ,....etc .So right now i'm doing all those jobs on my own , therefore it's taking me FOREVER ! But It'll be fine :D I also downloaded some new fonts I just discovered :)
PS: I did that when I was also having exams !! Not that I'm that much of a studious person , but It all went well .I guess you could say that I'm very reckless when it comes to sudden decisions :D
Right now , I'm working on chapter 8 of this manga , which is called Mitsu Aji Blood  (= Honey flavored blood) by Mitsuki Miko.
It's not one of my all-time favourites ,and it also contains some ''smut''- or whatever people call it - , which I don't like, but the reason I'm reading it is because it's related to vampires :D .I like everything related to vampires :) , and that's why I started reading it in the first place , and , of course ,' le moi ' can't just drop something one I start reading it. (Except if it's reallyyyy boring , which it isn't).So it was okay.
Well , I think it's a good experience for me :D At least it got me to learn a few things about Photoshop ! And some new German words !
Well , here's the link if you want to read it online : .
 (I haven't uploaded any chapter yet , but you'll find here till chapter 7)(I'm doing chapter 8 right now)
Putting all that aside , I still haven't figured how and where to upload the chapter once I'm done with it !
I guess that'll just add up to the time I spend searching for stuff .

Here's a preview for a page I've done :(I think that from what you've read above , you already know that I'm not great , so , don't criticize ! Plus , these aren't my scans , and I'm not good enough to be able to remove that shadow on the right :S)But I did my best in cleaning this manga ! Click on them to enlarge ! They should be HQ I think !

Here's another one :)

Well , that's for now folks !! We'll meet again with another blabber about my stupidity (or life quotes :D)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eyes Open- Taylor Swift

Hello again ! Here's a new song I found on Youtube for Taylor swift ! It rocks ! :D
It's her new Hunger Games single. There's also safe and sound ,also sung by her and featuring the Civil Wars , and I may post it soon as well .I just love Taylor Swift !!! Her songs are always deep and real . They just give me the feeling that she's also went through circumstances similar to mine .

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New starts..

Hey minna-sama ! I just wanted to say that I've recently become bored with the manga and J-drama I'm watching so I thought ..How about taking a little break from these stuff and starting some new manga or drama so that you'd eventually want to continue the old ones you had left behind !
And , of course ,I can't let that really long sentence I just wrote slip away without making a conclusion !! :D
Actually , that's really similar to human nature ; you don't feel the importance of something unless it's taken away from you. In other words , you can only see the true light better when you actually lose it . These quotes were deduced by Moi :) from what I have dealt with in life .

I think that applies to most of us these days , since there are some people who are completely neglected by us.You might not feel it now , but trust me , open your eyes , me o sama se ! Look around carefully and try to understand who is always by your side , who has always been , and will always be there for you when it gets gloomy .
If you are lucky enough to have these people by your side , make sure to appreciate them , hold on to them and make them feel special because you never know when fate decides to barge in and break you apart ! You can lose somebody very easily just by hurtful words said on a whim.It's like , when you put something(like a book or something) really close to your face , you can't see it properly , you aren't able to recognize the words . However , you can recognize the words and see them clearly when they're far enough for you to be able to see .Do you get it now ? :)
If you protect them and care for them as much as they care for you , you'll find happiness together with them. :)

So , back to what I was talking about -the manga ! 
I  think I'm gonna start reading Hana to Akuma . Yeah yeah , I know it has a sad ending and all but a lot of people recommended it to me and told me that it's totally worth the read , so , wish me luck !

 Oh  , and also ,as I was saying , I got a little bored with J-drama , so I will stop watching them for a while until I get all eager to complete them again ! ^-^ So , I thought I'd go back in time ten years ago ! And by that , I mean , I'm going to watch the most popular K-drama around the world ! This is going to be my first K-drama , so ,I hope I don't get disappointed in the end :S

If you haven't guessed it by now , it's WINTER SONATA 

So , that's it for today,folks ! I hope that my blog is the slightest bit helpful or interesting to anybody out there! ^_^

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hey Everyone  out there ! I just wanted to say this just in case somebody has actually seen my blog :D
I have posted before about my manga debut :) and I wanted to inform you that part 2 will be posted soon when I have the time because it will be long :D . And I'm also thinking about sharing a post about the manga I'm currently reading .So , if you have discovered my blog or want to encourage me , then please show me any sign of hope :D I've posted a lot of posts in this blog even though I haven't even got a single comment from anyone ! Aren't I high-spirited ? If you don't want this lonely heart of mine to be broken , don't hesitate to write me a comment here or on twitter(scroll down and you'll find the link in a gadget on the left panel) and tell me your opinion or how to improve the blog :) I'd really appreciate it <3    

Arigatou in advance ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1..2..3..and so... Take it slow

True love really can do anything .. It can motivate you , make your dreams come true , make you successful , happy , dreamy ,dazzling..However , this same thing can discourage you , make you miserable , miserable ,or a failure.. In short ,  love can influence us uncontrollably.And If you've gone through similar situations you'll know that what I'm saying is true , at least for some people .It depends if the person is capable of restraining their emotions or not , or if the person is too emotional or too cold or is capable of building up a wall that hinders their feelings from affecting their practical life.
For example . if things are working out well between you and the one you love , (and I'm talking specially about girls) , you get really happy and think the whole world has turned pink just by a simple event like this ..That's one of the reasons that make you really disappointed or depressed when any misunderstanding or problem happens between you.It's human nature : when you're expectations are higher than what you can actually have it turns out bad :(.
That's why I think teens should be more composed , and take it slow when it comes to love (not that I'm an old geezer I'm a teenager as well ya know ! :P) ..Because if you rush into it it'll just break .Just like walking on an almost-broken bridge ,if you if you run fast it'll fall even faster,and if you jumped on it it'll fall immediately . But if you walk on it really slowly and carefully you might just make it to the the other side. Don't try to pull the flower petals away from each other to make them bloom faster.They won't , they'll only fall and wither. If you're in a dark place where you only have one lighted candle to show you the way ,just walk gently while holding it tightly rather than  run while you're holding it afraid that you'll lose it .This way it will be gone and blown out .

I hope I got you to understand my point :)
So,moderate is fine .Not too tight , not too loose . If you really care about someone you'll give them their entire freedom while only watching over them and giving them valuable pieces of advice .You'll believe in them no matter what. If you can't keep up with whatever weird decisions they have made , try to understand them , talk to them .You know , if you open up to someone and start trusting him just a little bit , he/she will automatically , inevitably open up to you little by little .

Always try to make people happy . Be careful ,making other people happy doesn't necessarily result in your sadness ! On contraire , it makes you feel happy just by seeing their genuine smiles ! It's true ! Even if you're a  cruel or rude person it sure will move something inside this little heart of yours :) If not  , then at least you'll feel happy because you just did something good , you should be proud of yourself .

Well , I would've typed more but I wanna go watch Ouran High School Host Club live action drama :D
Like I said before , I'm kind of an otaku :P  ... So,I'll be writing more love posts in the near future (if I'm still alive *_*  ) xD ....jaa mata minna-san !

Oh , right ! To end this post nicely I would like to add a song in here !It's not the best but it's somehow related to what I've been talking about ^^ I hope you like it :)


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain On Me !

Hallo Freunde und Freundinnen ! (I thought I'd speak some Deutsch once in a while in case there are German viewers :) just for fun !) Heute will ich über ''Regen '' sprechen ! Ja ja , ich weiß,dass es ein seltsames Thema ist , aber Ich mag Regen und Winter !Danke für Lesen ! Entschuldigung , aber das ist alles , was ich auf Deutsch schreiben konnte :D..


The rest will be in English ! . I love winter and snow.This pure white that makes you cheerful just by looking at it...Although a lot of people hate the rain and think it's bad luck , I love it . Firstly because it feels like it's cleaning the world , erasing dirt and sins and trash ..I know!It's a weird thing to say but that's what I feel when it rains .People are always quiet and calm when it rains .isn't that weird ? I love that fact though . I also love it when you take shelter under some tree or something and you stay there watching the raindrops falling from the beautiful grey-blue sky , hitting the ground , and roofs of buildings in an intense and yet beautiful and gentle way..I think it's wonderful . It's like God is sending us this blessing to stop whoever is fighting , turn someone's frown into a smile ,and make people think back about what they did wrong and what to do later with their lives .And..after the rain comes the rainbow !!!Personally , I feel really happy when it rains ,because it reminds me of beautiful memories , and the times when I used to get under the rain and play with my friends and we used to run together looking for somewhere to take shelter in because we didn't want to get wet..It somehow moves my heart so unusually and makes my inner mind excited when it rains on me..How blissful it is to watch water drops falling continuously and making a relaxing sound , helping plants to grow , and homeless people drink.That never fails to bring a smile onto my face .Nostalgic. Simply pure .:)

絢香 ayaka - Sing to the Sky 今夜も星に抱かれて・・・ (歌詞 Lyrics)

Hello to minna-san (everyone )out there ! I just found this song recently and I like it so's deep and kanashii(sad)..

Translation done by the video uploader not me :
In this world, the best place for feelings is inside your heart
Do you feel the throbbing from my heart to your ears?

What I need now is you
I can fall asleep with your rhythm
You made me what I am
And that modest happiness is still continued...

My body can feel your love
Embraced next to your chest, covered by your scent

What I need now is you
There's no other happiness more than that
You made me what I am
I don't feel insecure
Since I have you

It's been 5 years now, like the swinging heat haze
You had turned into a star and I cannot touch you anymore
But tonight I will dream of you too

What I need now is you
Everyday Every night I miss you
You made me what I am
Everyday Every night Everything it's you

Since you're still by my side

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Lovely poem I've loved ,lived and felt...

Hello to anyone who has opened this page and seen my blog ! (I bet it's no one yet :S  ) Anyways i just wanted to share a poem from the Victorian era where fantastic exists !

It's tragic , I know , but I know what the poet feels because I actually live what she'd been through right now ! So, I'm pretty inspired by it and..there it is :) I hope you like it as much as I do !

I Am the Only Being Whose Doom

I am the only being whose doom
No tongue would ask, no eye would mourn;
I never caused a thought of gloom,
A smile of joy, since I was born.

In secret pleasure, secret tears,
This changeful life has slipped away,
As friendless after eighteen years,
As lone as on my natal day.

There have been times I cannot hide,
There have been times when this was drear,
When my sad soul forgot its pride
And longed for one to love me here.

But those were in the early glow
Of feelings since subdued by care;
And they have died so long ago,
I hardly now believe they were.

First melted off the hope of youth,
Then fancy’s rainbow fast withdrew;
And then experience told me truth
In mortal bosoms never grew.

’Twas grief enough to think mankind
All hollow, servile, insincere;
But worse to trust to my own mind
And find the same corruption there

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My EXTREMELY Ordinary And Boring Story About How I Started Reading Manga...PART1

Hi there ! I've taken a great interest in manga and anime since last year , so I thought I'd share how it started..
As much as I can remember , the first anime I've ever watched was either Final Fantasy:Unlimited or Paradise Kiss , I can't really recall , but each of them made me search non-stop for sequels, other anime and ....etc.
As for FF:U , I don't think that it was a good start for me at all.It had 25 episodes that were supposed to be 26 but they didn't make the 26th episode because they were short on money ! So long story short , it ended on a cliff-hanger , and the most annoying thing was when the narrator at the ending said:'' I wonder what happened to our heroes ?! You'll find that out the next time we meet ..'' And I was like ,speechless ,freezing there for a moment and couldn't believe myself.Seriously what the..!Obviously I couldn't and wouldn't meet again with you , mrs. narrator ! :@.I was really disappointed since I didn't get to know what happened to any of the main characters after wasting my precious time watching 25 episodes !Well , anyways I overcame the shock , moved on and made a little research about the topic , and found out that the series has SEQUELS in forms of JAPANESE books,web novels and drama CDs ,e.g. FF:U After and even FF:U Before!. ..Oh joy :S ! Since I can't read or understand Japanese I couldn't even get the drama CD nor the 2 books ..And , to make it worse , Those web novels were put on the anime's site WHICH HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN ! And to make it worse and worse , I've read that even the books and drama CD left a lottt of questions unanswered...

What a lucky , delightful first experience ...:'( but , you know , I somehow don't regret it..I don't regret it at all! I actually had fun watching the anime! And I'm sort of in love with most of the characters! Especially Makenshi and Kuroki Kaze ! And of course , nothing can be compared to Kaze's motto :''Soil ,my power ! The soil triad to use on you has been decided!...The Magun * has thawed !''  And after weeks of searching ,asking people and signing up into all sorts of forums , I  managed to find some summaries of those books and novel sequels , so I got to know some of what happened (which also left tons of questions unanswered btw)and was kind of relieved (but of course not completely)..
So that was my fortunate debut in the world of anime , folks ! Be sure to stay tuned because I'll be back with part II(maybe) and the story of Paradise Kiss and it's influence on me..

*The Magun is some sort of gun Kaze(the character) used to summon some mythological creatures using the soil power  in this gun (As his name is Kuroki kaze aka Black Wind in Japanese so his power was mainly soil.)


Kuroki kaze
The cool Makenshi and Kaze

Ahh ! Kaze's saying his cool famous line !

That's his Magun

Ahhh why ? :''(

I've recently posted about my PRECIOUS PRECIOUS video of Goodbye-Days sung by MOI ! :D But unfortunately It was blocked and then removed because of copyright next time I'll try to make a piano cover so that it won't be Sony Music's property or anything ...Or , I might just come up with a new self-written song ! Wouldn't that be better ?! This way I won't have any copyright issues AND I'll get to know people's opinion about my voice and lyrics..Yeah .I guess that'd be better.
So I deleted that post..
Anyhow , I'm having exams starting Thursday so I'm going to need all the good wishes , hopes and prayers I could get !(even though I know that I'm just talking to thin air now since no one has discovered or viewed my blog yet , and it just feels so lonely and frustrating talking to myself everyday like this... :D)So , plz if anyone discovers this blog even if you didn't like it.. I'll be glad to receive any comments on how to improve it and what to include in it...