Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Lovely poem I've loved ,lived and felt...

Hello to anyone who has opened this page and seen my blog ! (I bet it's no one yet :S  ) Anyways i just wanted to share a poem from the Victorian era where fantastic exists !

It's tragic , I know , but I know what the poet feels because I actually live what she'd been through right now ! So, I'm pretty inspired by it and..there it is :) I hope you like it as much as I do !

I Am the Only Being Whose Doom

I am the only being whose doom
No tongue would ask, no eye would mourn;
I never caused a thought of gloom,
A smile of joy, since I was born.

In secret pleasure, secret tears,
This changeful life has slipped away,
As friendless after eighteen years,
As lone as on my natal day.

There have been times I cannot hide,
There have been times when this was drear,
When my sad soul forgot its pride
And longed for one to love me here.

But those were in the early glow
Of feelings since subdued by care;
And they have died so long ago,
I hardly now believe they were.

First melted off the hope of youth,
Then fancy’s rainbow fast withdrew;
And then experience told me truth
In mortal bosoms never grew.

’Twas grief enough to think mankind
All hollow, servile, insincere;
But worse to trust to my own mind
And find the same corruption there

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My EXTREMELY Ordinary And Boring Story About How I Started Reading Manga...PART1

Hi there ! I've taken a great interest in manga and anime since last year , so I thought I'd share how it started..
As much as I can remember , the first anime I've ever watched was either Final Fantasy:Unlimited or Paradise Kiss , I can't really recall , but each of them made me search non-stop for sequels, other anime and ....etc.
As for FF:U , I don't think that it was a good start for me at all.It had 25 episodes that were supposed to be 26 but they didn't make the 26th episode because they were short on money ! So long story short , it ended on a cliff-hanger , and the most annoying thing was when the narrator at the ending said:'' I wonder what happened to our heroes ?! You'll find that out the next time we meet ..'' And I was like ,speechless ,freezing there for a moment and couldn't believe myself.Seriously what the..!Obviously I couldn't and wouldn't meet again with you , mrs. narrator ! :@.I was really disappointed since I didn't get to know what happened to any of the main characters after wasting my precious time watching 25 episodes !Well , anyways I overcame the shock , moved on and made a little research about the topic , and found out that the series has SEQUELS in forms of JAPANESE books,web novels and drama CDs ,e.g. FF:U After and even FF:U Before!. ..Oh joy :S ! Since I can't read or understand Japanese I couldn't even get the drama CD nor the 2 books ..And , to make it worse , Those web novels were put on the anime's site WHICH HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN ! And to make it worse and worse , I've read that even the books and drama CD left a lottt of questions unanswered...

What a lucky , delightful first experience ...:'( but , you know , I somehow don't regret it..I don't regret it at all! I actually had fun watching the anime! And I'm sort of in love with most of the characters! Especially Makenshi and Kuroki Kaze ! And of course , nothing can be compared to Kaze's motto :''Soil ,my power ! The soil triad to use on you has been decided!...The Magun * has thawed !''  And after weeks of searching ,asking people and signing up into all sorts of forums , I  managed to find some summaries of those books and novel sequels , so I got to know some of what happened (which also left tons of questions unanswered btw)and was kind of relieved (but of course not completely)..
So that was my fortunate debut in the world of anime , folks ! Be sure to stay tuned because I'll be back with part II(maybe) and the story of Paradise Kiss and it's influence on me..

*The Magun is some sort of gun Kaze(the character) used to summon some mythological creatures using the soil power  in this gun (As his name is Kuroki kaze aka Black Wind in Japanese so his power was mainly soil.)


Kuroki kaze
The cool Makenshi and Kaze

Ahh ! Kaze's saying his cool famous line !

That's his Magun

Ahhh why ? :''(

I've recently posted about my PRECIOUS PRECIOUS video of Goodbye-Days sung by MOI ! :D But unfortunately It was blocked and then removed because of copyright next time I'll try to make a piano cover so that it won't be Sony Music's property or anything ...Or , I might just come up with a new self-written song ! Wouldn't that be better ?! This way I won't have any copyright issues AND I'll get to know people's opinion about my voice and lyrics..Yeah .I guess that'd be better.
So I deleted that post..
Anyhow , I'm having exams starting Thursday so I'm going to need all the good wishes , hopes and prayers I could get !(even though I know that I'm just talking to thin air now since no one has discovered or viewed my blog yet , and it just feels so lonely and frustrating talking to myself everyday like this... :D)So , plz if anyone discovers this blog even if you didn't like it.. I'll be glad to receive any comments on how to improve it and what to include in it...