Thursday, November 24, 2011

First Post!!

Yaaay ! Here's my first post in this blog ! I will be sharing some other cool stuff on this blog really soon, but to begin with , I wanted to share some quotes , and what I've learnt from them... Only in the dark you can see the stars.
This is actually one of my favourite quotes.It explains that true friends and truly good people only appear when you're in trouble. This is when their true and natural goodness and purity is revealed so that they can save you.
It can have another meaning , too. It means that , you can only realize how important and wonderful the thing you once had is , when you actually lose it.When in your darkest period , you come to see the real goodness in people and realize that you were wrong..Here's my advice to you :Always appreciate people ,feel them , and love them.. especially the ones who are always by your side,even if you don't realize how important they are ,because once their gone ,you're going to know what they're worth and realize you've made the worst decision by letting them go.

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