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Hello !  I'm back again with some stuff :D
Hi !!

First , I wanted to share something : I've noticed that love and hate are extremely close , they're both really strong feelings , and people say they're opposites .But opposites attract , and you hating someone means that he/she is an important existence in your life . I mean ,how can you hate someone when you're not thinking about him ? Can you hate somebody when he doesn't even cross your mind ? The answer is , no. At least this is what I think and what I've experienced . It's either you love someone , hate him , or don't even care about him .
Not caring about someone means that you don't hold any feelings or emotions for him , neither love , nor hate.But when you hate someone , that means that he has a place inside your mind ! That's why you even bother to hold feelings of hate towards him/her !
Also , in just a moment , this hate can turn into love . With one action or incident , you can entirely change your idea or opinion of that person .First impressions aren't always right , and  there's always something hidden about that person that you have to find out yourself . Everyone has more than one personality . If not , then let's say that everybody has several , different traits , which are brought out gradually when you get closer to that person and get to see his different selves. I myself have different personalities , which come out naturally due to the different people and circumstances I come across .That's not called Schizophrenia or hypocrisy or anything like that , that's different . It's the new traits , whether good or bad , that you gain throughout your life ,and you use each trait or each way to deal with a different kind of problem that you face.
So , back to the love and hate topic :D .It's sometimes easier to love someone you hate than to love someone you didn't even care about  . Because ,as long as that person has a place in your mind , and has an impact on you (whether good or bad feelings , love or hate) , it would be easy to change the feelings inside that place in your mind from love to hate or vice versa .
Sometimes you find two people who were extremely in love with each other suddenly breaking up over something trivial , and some of them can even get to the point where they abhor each other ! See how feelings of love can change in an instant into feelings of hate ? Just because of one action someone has done ?!
Same with hate . When you hate someone , you can't help but notice what they do  , and their actions sometimes leave an impact on you. When you think of things you hate , or when you come across some situations in life , they're the first person who comes to your mind ! For example, if someone asks you if you hate somebody , that person you hate immediately pops up in you mind ! Also , if someone treats you badly , you might think : That's something he would do ,or , What would he have done if he were in my shoes ?

I'm pretty sure I had more examples but I just forgot them :S Sorry !
Anyway , I hope you got my point , and don't hesitate to drop me a comment and share your opinions !!

Oh , one more thing : I have many personalities too ! Have you notices how I can change quickly from my 'joking & stupid ' mode to my 'serious preacher ' mode ?!!! Baaammmm ! I'm a transformer ! Whohooo ! :D
Okay ,to end this post I'm going to leave you with some quotes I came across (Some may even be epitaphs on graveyards !! , but I just like them :D ) :

''And is he dead, whose glorious mind 
Lifts thine on high?
 To live in hearts we leave behind 
Is not to die.''    
 Thomas Campbell

Well ,I did say some were epitaphs , so they're definitely related to death :D But their touching !(Thine is a pronoun , like yours or ours , in case there are foreigners :D)

Hana To Akuma Spoiler! I warn all those who are planning to read it/haven't finished it!

Also :
''To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die ''

On Hana's gravestone in Hana to Akuma :'((
I was really affected and touched because it really goes perfectly with the story line .A bittersweet ending for a beautiful, sweet manga . <3

Spoiler End

And finally , from ToGetHer (Taiwanese Drama) :
''Let this be my last word , 
that I trust thy love ''
(thy = your :D , for foreigners :D)

See you soon ,whoever reads this blog !

2013 Edit: I've recently read this manhwa called 'I Wish' which had something which reminded me of this post, so I came back here. ^__^ There was someone who couldn't tell the difference between love and hate.(That's it, I won't explain it in detail, for those who might actually want to read the manhwa..)
It's a good one. A recommendation! :D And it's just too hilarious!! I loved it!

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